Limited Edition Loggerhead Turtle MK1



Limited Edition MK1 Loggerhead Turtle, by Makotikoti Zikali

The story behind these turtles is compelling: Makotikoti Zikhali was serving a five-year jail sentence for killing a protected loggerhead turtle in the iSimangaliso Wetland Park in Kwa-Zulu Natal Province, when the newly established Roving Reporters project went in search of the bigger story – not just the conviction, but what was leading to the butchering of the turtles in the first place.

The young journalists, all students at Durban University of Technology, uncovered a tale of grinding poverty and ignorance. Makotikoti had killed the turtle to sell its meat as food and its fat for muthi, traditional medicine.

After meeting Makotikoti in prison, Roving Reporters director Fred Kockott was convinced that ‘The Turtle Butcher’ case, as it became known, could be used not only to promote environmental education but also to offer the convicted turtle poacher the means to earn an honest living by writing his life story and developing his artistic skills. Internationally acclaimed Durban sculptor Andries Botha agreed to train Makotikoti, and so the artworks were born.

These sculptures are exquisite: their polished surface is silken and they symbolise your participation in resolving the profound environmental challenges found in rural South Africa where we try to balance human and wilderness needs. Join our endeavour to transform poverty conflicts into livelihood opportunities.

You will receive your Turtle sculpture in a beautiful handmade box.

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